VISION: The trusted global forum and research networks for sustaining relationships between partners and alliances in the Asia-Pacific region 

APSI COE focuses on security crisis management, and research innovation for maximising strategic and resilience partnerships

1. Strategic Cooperative Security Innovation Hub

Research Team:

Dr Anita Abbott
Dr Vira Ratsiborynska
MGen (Ret) Gert-Jonannes Hagemann
SGM (Ret) Anthony Spadaro

2. Strategic Communication and AI Innovation Hub

Research and operations team members:

Brett Murphy
Chibuzor Kama
Chinta Tej Kiran
Keral Patel
Isaac Abbott (intern)
Dylan Willis (intern)

3. Human Security and Social Innovation Hub

The Agape Project

Research on Social Innovation and Poverty Reduction

Researchers: Dr Barnaby Pace and Dr Eddy Kristianto

Research on Orphanage Trafficking
Maxwell Abbott and Dr Jerome Odenbumni 

4. Community Hub

Operation Esther
Women of Vision, Women of Influence
Convenors: Esther Indra Fajar Sari and Amelia Eyban

Operation Entrust
APSI Forum Horizon Inner Circle (for members, new members, APSI family)
Inner Circle (for operations team members only)

The Tabitha Project
Serving Across Border
Small business mentoring programme for widows
Convenor: Zipora Millward 

APSI COE community hub is sponsored by:


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