VISION: Sustaining relationships between partners and alliances in the Asia-Pacific region through research and training outreach

APSI COE focuses on security crisis management, and research innovation for maximising strategic and resilience partnerships

Dr. Barnaby Pace

Board of Directors:

Maxwell Abbott
Major General  (Ret) Gert-Hanes Hagemann
Sergeant Major (Ret) Anthony Spadaro

Current Projects:


1. Agribusiness for food security in Southeast Asia
Desired Outcome: Innovative business model for sustainable agriculture and distribution system, and financing mechanism for improving the lives of those living on less than $5 PPP per day
Project advisor: Professor Dwi Andreas Santosa, Bogor Agricultural University
Project leaders: Amelia Eyban, Yanuarr Gulo, and Bagus Alit.

2. Agricultural science for enhancing sustainable modes of living in Indonesia

Project Advisor: Dr Eddy Kristianto 
Project leaders: Zipora and Bill Millward

3. Countering human trafficking in Southeast Asia: Progress and Challenges 
Project Advisor: 
Don Lord
Project leader: TBA

Social Innovation Hub

Social innovation is , "new solution to a social problem which is more effective, efficient, sustainable or fairer compared to existing solutions, and which generates value primarily for society instead of single individuals or organisations." [Phills et al. (2008) Rediscovering Social Innovation}. It is also a process of “empowerment and political mobilisation” targeting a bottom-up transformation of the functioning of a social system, in terms of stakeholders and in terms of distribution of material and immaterial resources. [Moulaert et al. (2009) Social Innovation and Territorial Development].


Once a month, the above groups have meetings for demonstration projects

Invited participants only


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