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APSI Forum is a non-partisan, leading New Zealand think tank in strategic partnership and cooperation in International Relations.

APSI Forum was established in April 2019 to provide a platform for those in public office, including ambassadors, political leaders, and military leaders, to interact and make crucial security decisions to address current and future challenges. Its aim is to strengthen strategic partnerships and alliances and ensure effective international relations, which is crucial for a collective approach to address global problems. 

The APSI Forum strategically utilizes geopolitics and diplomacy to cultivate partnerships that shape geopolitical dynamics.

APSI Forum currently has members from 37 countries: Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Timor Leste, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Malawi, the US, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the UK, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Samoa, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Canada, Nepal, the Kingdom of Tonga, and Papua New Guinea.

With its community hub, APSI Forum and Center of Excellence has made a difference in the lives of many.

2024 Event Information

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To be the trusted and credible international forum and network for sustaining relationships between partners and alliances in the Asia-Pacific region 


APSI Forum supports transformative leadership that promotes cooperation in innovative security models, concepts, frameworks, and technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

APSI Forum encourages the formation of international expert networks through discussion on topics of security, innovation, and security-related civil science.

APSI Forum facilitates cooperation of issues of common interests, including human and social aspects of security.



APSI has created a world-class forum to bring together global leaders to collaborate and identify effective approaches to security challenges. 

The summits are an effort to reach out to world leaders and other key stakeholders in the security sector, to learn purposely from each other and to produce a declaration for those in government and decision making positions. Keep checking back for information on the next Summit.

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Research Center of Excellence

Through its Research Center of Excellence (COE), APSI invites scholars and reputable researchers to collaborate in producing articles and Op-Eds. 

To initiate this collaboration and to direct its focus, Preparatory Action Research in Strategic Studies (PARSS) has been prepared by its Patron, and Working Group

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Become an APSI Member

APSI Forum is funded by Asia-Pacific Global Foundation Ltd. APSI was also supported financially by Tourism NZ, SWIFT, NATO PDD, and Creative NZ. APSI Forum does not accept funding from any source that seeks to interfere with or influence APSI Forum policies.

The members will need to contribute by sharing their knowledge, expertise, and skills in the forum

 APSI Forum also relies on the registration fees, donations from individuals, embassies/high commissions, consulates, and governmental agencies for funding its events.

The assets and income of the forum are applied solely to further the objectives of APSI Forum.  

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APSI Forum received 2019 Event Awards from Tourism NZ

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