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We are a company based in New Zealand that was established on March 2006.

We are the supporter of the Asia-Pacific Security Innovation (APSI) Forum and Center of Excellence. We do NOT share information about APSI and its members.

By purchasing our products and services, you support the work of APSI.


The trusted international firm in the open-source defence intelligence and forefront analysis in strategic foresight 

We provide our customers/readers with information and high quality analysis of current security issues and strategic foresight

Our Services:

Weekly Analysis

Our weekly analyses include:

1. Resilience and the Eastern Partners
Dr Vira Ratsiborynska

2.  Russia- China: An Invincible Alliance?
Dr Anita Abbott and Dr Vira Ratsiborynska

3. Strategic Foresight Analysis for Strategic Negotiation
Dr Anita Abbott

4. SFA and Wargaming
Dr Vira Ratsiborynska

5. Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific Security Architecture.....

And more............

SFA consulting

We have a network of experts in strategic foresight analysis for defence planning.

Contact us for further information:
+64 22 111 9732

Proof Reading and Editing

Contact us for further information:
+64 22 111 9732

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Editorial Director:
Maxwell Abbott

Senior Researcher:
Dr Vira Ratsiborynska

Associate Editor:
Dr Jerome Odenbumni

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