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Asia-Pacific Global Foundation Ltd was established in March 2006. Asia-Pacific Global Foundation Ltd is based in New Zealand, and is the supporter of the Asia-Pacific Security Innovation (APSI) Forum and Center of Excellence. We do NOT share information about APSI and its members. 

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Strategic Collective Training Program (SCTP) in SFA

Together with APSI Forum and COE, Asia-Pacific Global Foundation offers a Strategic Collective Training Program (SCTP). SCTP offers a high level training program which will be taught by academics and military professionals. It is designed to enable an advanced-level audience and specialists to stay informed and anticipate future security trends. 

All participants of the Strategic Collective Training program will receive a completion certification after the program.

-To understand Strategic Foresight Analysis and comprehensive institutional approaches to contemporary security threats
-To unpack global issues and security trends and provide an understanding of the use of SFA in a current security environment. 
- To anticipate changing character of warfare, and to take smart risks
The overall objective of the program is to provide understanding of Strategic Foresight Analysis and comprehensive institutional approaches to contemporary security threats in the changing and challenging globalized security environment. Participants of the program will be able to think at strategic level in the framework of the international security and international relations concepts. On the practical level, the program also focuses on strengthening specific skills such as researching, teamwork and public speaking, presentations, and crisis management exercise.
By the end of the course, the participants will have a firm grasp of:
in terms of substantive knowledge:
• Understanding of the Strategic Foresight Analysis and application of SFA in practice; 
• A set of international security matters, to determine the issues at stake and the role of international organizations in the management of conflicts;
•  Conceptual skills on SFA, security trends and be able to anticipate future challenges and how they affect your business practices and strategies;
 In terms of skills:
• how to examine, understand, synthesize and apply core strategic issues on SFA, the transatlantic relations and strategic policy making;
• how to carry out independent, in-depth research using a wide range of sources;
• demonstrate effective crisis management and oral presentation skills. 
In terms of attitudes, participants should develop in this course: 
• critical attitudes, which are necessary for “life-long learning”
• an attitude of open-mindedness and self-critical reflection with a view to self-improvement 
• sensibility towards the ethical dimensions of different aspects of the content of this course  
• an open attitude towards inter-cultural teamwork
Main course materials:
The course material consists of PowerPoint presentations and lecture notes. PowerPoint presentations will be made available after the respective classes have taken place. A week-by-week mandatory readings will be delivered to participants after each lecture. 

Some of our topics include:

1. SFA and War Gaming

2. The Russia- China-Iran nexus

3. Divided Allies and Rethinking Strategy

4. Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific Architecture 

5. Russia-India Relations: Implications for Translantic and Asia-Pacific Security

6.Resilience and the Eastern Partners

7. North Korea-Iran Missiles Cooperation: Challenges

OSINT Research

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