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About Us

SIFFA (Strategic Insight for Foresight Analysis) is the trading name of Asia-Pacific Global Foundation Ltd. Asia-Pacific Global Foundation Ltd is based in New Zealand, and was established in March 2006. 

We are the supporter of the Asia-Pacific Security Innovation (APSI) Forum and Center of Excellence. We do NOT share information about APSI and its members. 

By purchasing our products and services, you support the work of APSI.


The trusted international firm in strategic insight for foresight analysis 

We provide our customers/readers with information and high quality analysis of current security issues and strategic foresight

Our Work:

1. Iconic Bibliotheca Library

The mission of Iconic Bibliotheca is to be a helpful resource for  users whether it’s through topic discussion, templates, and design work. Iconic Bibliotheca is developed and managed by SIFFA International. The annual membership is NZ$ 599 (GST inclusive). As the supporter of APSI Forum and Center of Excellence, the course members of APSI SCTP can access the content of Iconic Bibliotheca without the annual subscription fee. 

The benefits of the membership include:
- The members will be able to access SIFFA discussion platform on a specific topic related to strategic insight for foresight analysis;
- The members gain an understanding of the Strategic Foresight Analysis and application of SFA in practice.The mentors of the discussion will help the members in the discussion, to develop a strategic foresight analysis model;
- The members will receive a report/analysis that is developed by SIFFA international

Some of our topics include:

1. SFA and War Gaming

2. The Russia- China-Iran nexus

3. Divided Allies and Rethinking Strategy

4. Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific Architecture 

5. Russia-India Relations: Implications for Translantic and Asia-Pacific Security

6.Resilience and the Eastern Partners

7. North Korea-Iran Missiles Cooperation: Challenges

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2. Research and Development

1. Political Science Advanced Research
New Zealand
Strategy Director: Dr Anita Abbott

Belgium and Germany
Associate Director: Dr Vira Ratsiborynska

2. Life Science and Technology
Associate Director: Dr Eddy Kristianto

3. Science and Technology
Estonia, Israel (TBC)

Contact us:

Asia-Pacific Global Foundation Ltd
SIFFA New Zealand: +64 22 111 9732

Our representatives and affiliates:
SIFFA Belgium: Rue Copernic 11, 1180, Brussels
SIFFA Germany: Linkstraße 2 Level 8, 10785 Berlin
+32 470 01 07 67

SIFFA Indonesia: Ruko Robson C17, Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi
+62 81281315

Our Directors

1. Dr Anita Abbott, Strategy Director, SIFFA International

Operations Team:

Editorial Director: 
Maxwell Abbott

Associate Editor:
Jerome Odenbumni

Editorial assistant:
Kimberly Mobbs

Public Affairs:
Brett Murphy

Creative Strategist:
Jacob Abbott (intern)

Lead generators:
Zipora Millward
Amelia Eyban

Admin and budfin 
Tej Kiran
Juniar Tampubolon
Judith Yasmika

Indra Fajar Sari
Anung Prasetya


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