About APSI Forum

About APSI Forum
APSI Forum is a non-profit organisation that is not carried on for the profit or gain of any member. The assets and income of the organisation shall be applied solely to further the objectives of APSI Forum. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on our sponsors, donors,  consulting projects, and our diplomatic services. 
The members only receive genuine compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the APSI Forum.

APSI Forum promotes cooperation in innovative security models, concepts, frameworks, and technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

APSI Forum encourages the formation of international expert networks through discussion on topics of security, innovation, and security-related civil science.

APSI Forum strives to provide innovative solutions that address defence gaps and needs.

Committee members:

Dr Anita Abbott

Committee Chair

Chinta Teja Kiran, MBA

Research and innovation support specialist

Event Marketing Technologist

Brett Murphy, BA

Media and Public Relations Specialist

Event Operation Manager

Alta Whiting

Administrator, credit control and assistant treasurer 

Alessandro Roth

Public Affairs and Outreach Support

Maxwell Abbott, BTheo

Treasurer and credit control

Event Operation Director

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