" The newsletter is truly both first and world class!  Thank You for all You Do!   Many Blessings and Best Always! " (David Gouin, Stuttgard, Germany)

"The newsletters are easy to read, not long (which I like), resilient, legit, focused, oriented on the subject, giving an update in short what's going on. I can see a deliberate shift of power  and influence on the energy's matter..." (George Vyzaniaris, Hellenic Army Academy)

"I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to participate. It was easily the most enjoyable of all the presentations I have participated in. You, and your team are all remarkable and dearly appreciated. "(Paul Cobaugh, Vice President of Narrative Strategies)

" I like the newsletter very much! What a debacle. It is a classic situation of patience and cunningly executed strategy...it just shows how carefully one must define 'strength' and 'weakness'....You write so well,  and layer the narrative in such an accomplished way "(Murray Bray, Netherland).

“I really appreciate receiving your newsletters and your excellent analysis” ( Lieutenant General Leo Kosinski)

"Too much text but easy to connect to the social media. Congratulations. I will share it in my network."  (LtCol Luis Bernandino)

“I enjoyed it …I loved your analysis” (Colonel John Black)

"I enjoyed reading the newsletter." (Brock Hancock)

“You wrote such a great newsletter, so interesting to read, accurate, and very topical. You are just a wonderful leader!” (Vira Ratsiborynska)

“ I agree to the interesting analysis and assessment of current situation. Looking forward to receive the next newsletter!”

"The newsletter is very good. I would agree that the Taliban had a strategy that aligned with their means. The west did not have a clearly defined or aligned strategy. It is a problem with the west at the moment. I would offer that the base that the Taliban had in Pakistan allowed to sustain their strategy for two decades. Without it, they would not have succeeded...." (Brigadier Mark Brewer)

"The APSI is a timely and dynamic platform for the advancement of defense and security diplomacy. It uniquely brings together stakeholders from the diplomatic, military and other critical security sectors. APSI is an initiative which contributes to world peace and stability - very much needed in these increasingly uncertain times" (Ambassador Dr Jesus Domingo)

"Thank you for the opportunity! APSI is a terrific organization and I’d love to be involved going forward!" (Hunter Stires, Fellow at Hattendorf Center for Maritime Historical Research, U.S. Naval War College)

“Thank you for inviting me. You make me feel worthy and important “ (Gillian Sommerville, GES Consulting NZ)

“Very good and interesting speakers with a good range of topics and views. There was a lot of new information presented which will be useful as a filter to my thinking and the work I will be producing in the next few months. Worthwhile! And I hope I can attend in the future. I also hope more of the speakers can attend in person!”

“At present we have poverty in the island and your CDCG innovative concept that gives results and confidence in Indonesia is equally valid for Pacific Islands as a solution to reduce the needs for the PRC’s intervention that we do worry about “ (Uini Smythe)

“ I actually found APSI very interesting as far as the traditional and non traditional security challenges and spill of effects from the larger states on the smaller states especially in the Asia Pacific region. This is a great opportunity to pass on information to other smaller states for the next APSI...,. And Thank you for the meals ....”

“Excellent presentations, rich discussions and a fantastic opportunity to widen and to intensify the network. I feel very privileged to attend the 2022 annual APSI summit and look forward to the next event. Professor Abbott and team have done a wonderful job. Thank you! And thank you for the generous hospitality!”

“This was an extremely valuable event, with great conversations, and a tremendous opportunity to build global connectivity, foster important relationships, and share experiences in an effort to combat nontraditional, asymmetric security threats around the Indo-Pacific region. It was an honor to be a guest speaker. Well done APSI!”

" Very interesting! Great experience! Lots of valuable information. Perfect organization! I truly enjoyed it! (Dr Vira Ratsyborynska, Adjunct Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

"Fantastic stuff - all around. APSI is the only think tank with a "Center of Excellence," that is making a difference in the lives of many.I am extremely thankful that I am on our Team.  You all are incredible human beings who make me better - I am blessed to call you my teammates and friends." (SGM Anthony Spadaro)

"I appreciated the opportunity to listen to excellent speakers who gave the Australian and Indian perspective. I found the presentations of significant value. Thank you APSI COE! "(Pamela Willimson, LLB, Sky Canopy Consulting, NZ)

"You planned and executed a significant Summit addressing current issues in the Asia Pacific region and it was a privilege to be part of it. Thanks too for the excellent support team you had working in the background - they did a great job. Final thanks for the personal contributions you made in speaking in your area of expertise and study. It was eye-opening. It was the friendliest Conference/Summit I think I have attended and much of it was your personal relationship with many of the speakers and the tone that was set early on. A really huge effort but well worth it." (Hagar NZ)

"Excellent event. Congratulations Dr. Anita Abbott and team. You made a marvelous job and it was a pleasure to attend. Go on!" (Major General Gert-Johannes Hagemann)

" Highly recommend for anyone interested in Asia-Pacific Security" (Minh, NZ)

"Excellent initiative, merits to be maintained on an annual basis. A huge variety of topics. Very good, horizon widening and eye opening. Good opportunity to increase the personal network. Very rich side-talks. Mix of representatives of nations, military, civil world and business, companies, to be sustained. Very comfortable location. Great support. Well done!! See you hopefully next year!" 

" You put on an important and internationally significant summit. I was honoured to speak and share my Cyber Experience. As New Zealand matures in its understanding of Security you are going to need a bigger venue." (Cyber Toa, NZ)

" Great couple of days. I've learnt a lot. Excellent lunches. Wonderful staff..."

"Congratulations! An outstanding and very productive conference. It was an honor and privilege for me to speak. And it was a top opportunity to meet so many great people. I learned a lot. Thank you, Anita and team. Go for 2020!" 

"The conference was really well-organised with some excellent content and great opportunities to network. All speakers had equal time which was great. Thank you so much".

"Excellent all around"

"Outstanding speakers!"

"Great range of speakers. I learnt a lot. What would be great would be a workshop or open discussion...."

"Great topics, great speakers, great food....see you next year!"

" You were phenomenal! Seriously. This is a great team. We will all do great things together!"

"The WG II was outstanding, congratulations to you and your team. You did a marvellous job.
I found the lectures highly interesting and inspiring and the speakers motivated and engaged. Of course it is a touchy subject if we talk about the delicate relationship of the various countries in the region, especially those with nuclear weapons, but it was more than worth to do it. I enjoyed every moment of this night !"

"What a privilege to be here!"

"I’m always excited for the work that Asia-Pacific Security Innovation Forum and COE does. It sets a very high standard for others to follow. Bravo!" 


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