About the membership

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on our sponsors  for our events, membership, crowdsourcing, and research project grants. 

In addition to free access to our events (except summit and consortium) and newsletters,  with the payment of the annual APSI COE Community Hub membership fee of NZ$ 199, you'll receive:

- Free access to APSI COE Community Hub events (community, business and social innovation events)
-  The access to APSI COE Community Hub network. In this network, you'll have the opportunity to support and to partner with international startups. 

We reserve the right to decline the membership.

For the registration/membership:

APSI Forum and COE
ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited

Community Hub

Convenors: Dr Eddy and Reni Kristianto

The work of APSI Community Hub is devoted to serving orphans, and widows who live in poverty.
Through its cell groups, widows are empowered through small business training.
Next, the Community Hub will work with orphans.

To support the work of APSI, its community hub offers professional services in Diplomatic Services and Event Management Services.

Contact us for further information: publicdiplomacy@apsisummit.com

Thanks to our supporters and partners

APSI green and white papers are only for APSI sponsors

If you want to support us, please contact us....

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