About APSI Research Center of Excellence

Advisor: VAdm Paul Bennett (Ret)
Convenors: MGen Adrian Ciolponea (Ret) and Dr Vira Ratsiborynska

The main purpose of APSI COE is to drive excellence and improve performance in the discipline of international relations and strategic coalitions.

Through its Research Center of Excellence, APSI COE fosters innovation and builds organisational resilience to navigate and thrive in rapidly changing environments. This  programme fosters collaboration and networking among researchers, experts, and practitioners in the field of international security. It serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, dialogue, and cooperation between different security coalitions, academic institutions, think tanks, and relevant stakeholders. The research relates to the study of conflict and peace strategies,  and explores why and how a state interacts with other actors.   This collaborative research programme is started with  Preparatory Action for Research on Strategic Studies (PARSS). PARSS publications are prepared by Professor Anita Abbott. From PARSS publications, research on strategic partnerships and alliances will be conducted. 

For further information on the programmes, contact: info@apsisummit.com


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