Asia-Pacific Security Innovation Summit Rotorua, New Zealand 17-18 April 2019


Chair: Brett Murphy

8am-8.30am : Registration

8.30am-8.45: Powhiri, Apostolic Training Centre

8.45 am – 9am:Welcoming address: Dr Anita Abbott, Global Partnership and Development Ltd

9.00am-9.30am: Proliferation of Economic Espionage
Speaker: Luke Bencie (Managing Director of Security Management International, the author of Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler, and The Clandestine Consultant: Kings, Sheiks, Warlords, and Dictators)

Speaker : Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and Trade  Rep (TBC)

10am-10.15am: Morning tea break / networking

10.15am-10.45am:  NZDF engagement in Asia-Pacific
Speaker: New Zealand Ministry of Defence Rep (TBA)

10.45am-11.15am: Human Factors and Psychological Strategies for the Defence Against Terrorism
Speaker: Barnaby Pace, Global Partnership and Development Ltd

11.15am – 11-45am: India’s Strategic Role in the Asia-Pacific
Speaker: Dr Ashok Sharma, Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Canberra

11.45am-12.15pm: Resource security in the Asia-Pacific
Speaker: Dr Mamadou Bah, Global Partnership and Development Ltd

12.15pm-1pm: Lunch
Keynote lunch: Craig Valentine (an award-winning speaker and trainer, the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International)

1pm-1.30pm: Information Sharing within Asia-Pacific Disaster Relief
Speaker:  Kendra Leah Roddis (Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Massey University)

1.30pm-2pm : Regional Cyber Defence, Asia-Pacific's Cyber Five
Speaker: Dr Joe Burton (TBA), Waikato University

2pm-2.30pm: Women in security
Speaker:  New Zealand Defence Force Rep

3pm-3.30pm: Afternoon tea break/ networking

3.30pm-3.50pm: Closing remarks: Paul Galea

Dinner: 6pm-8pm
-Dinner at Te Puia, Rotorua
-Cultural performance
MC: Richard Selinkoff
Speakers: Michael Stoekoe, Tourism NZ
                   Francis Pauwels, South Waikato Investment Fund


Chair: Brett Murphy

8.00 am- 8.30 am: Welcoming address: Tantowi Yahya, Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, Ambassador- Designate to the Kingdom of Tonga

8.30am-9am: Opening remarks: LtGen. Christine Whitecross, NATO Defense College

9am-9.30: A Resilient Strategic Concept for NATO’s Global Partnership in the Asia-Pacific Region
Speaker: Dr Anita Abbott, Global Partnership and Development Ltd

9.30am-10am: Tactical and Strategic Network in the Information Age
Speaker: Col. Paul Galea, Australian Army

10am-10.15am: Morning tea break/ networking

10.15am-10.45am: Innovative Traffic Avoidance for Unmanned System and Light Aircraft
Speaker: Daniel Retief,  Information Officer and Designer at Aero Design Ltd

10.45am-11.15am: Cyber Defence Resiliency (TBC)
Speaker: Gen (Ret) Insub Shin

11.15am-11.45am: Transformation of air power for a small country in Information Age: Case study of the Royal Thai Air Force, Survival, and Resilience
Speaker: GP Caps Verachon Pensri, Royal Thai Air Force

11.45am-12.15: Skill-building session
Group facilitators:
Luke Bencie (Strategic thinking)
Craig Valentine and Daniel Paul (Leadership and strategic communication)
Alexandro Roth and Dr Simon Gray (Research and educational outreach)

12.15pm-1pm: Lunch/networking break

1pm-1.30pm: Focusing on Terrorism’s Global Impact
Speaker: Dr Simon Gray, the University of Waikato

1.30-2pm: Climate Change Security Risk Management
Speaker: Dr Chandra Pandey, Senior Research Fellow at South Asia Institute of Advanced Studies 

2pm-2.30pm: Food Security and Community Led Development (TBC)
Speaker: Hon Alfred Ngaro, National MP

2.30 - 3.20pm: Tackling Human Trafficking
Speaker: Don Lord, Executive Director of Hagar New Zealand. (TBA)

3.20pm-3.40pm:  Creative and visual thinking (TBA)
Speaker: Prof. Welby Ings, Auckland University of Technology(TBC)

3.40pm-3.55pm: Closing remarks: Paul Galea

Post conference

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